Chicago Wildfire to Change Name to Chicago Union

by Ashley Kouba

After three weeks of voting, the fans have selected a winner in the Name Change Bracket. The Chicago Wildfire will be taking the field in 2021 as the newly rebranded Chicago Union.

Chicago Union made its way into the bracket as a player suggested name. Prior to the release of our final bracket for fan voting, all of the players on the 2020 Wildfire sent in dozens of ideas for names and voted to have some of those suggestions enter the final bracket, which included Chicago Union.

During the first round of fan voting Union took on Chicago Lakefront in one of our closest match-ups of the entire voting process. Down to the wire, Union narrowly pulled ahead due to some significant support from our newsletter recipients, and Union advanced to the second round.

Chicago Goats was waiting for Union in the next round and we introduced a stylescape for each name still in contention to give fans an idea on our design path. Fans quickly began to fall in love with the concept for Union and sent the unlucky Goats packing.

The Chicago Blues were next up in the Final Round. Another variation of design ideas were released and the momentum for Chicago Union could not be stopped like a train departing from the station. Chicago Union ended the week in a clear lead, securing its status as our new name.

We have been hard at work creating all of the design materials that go into taking on a new name. Our logo design is almost ready but needs a few final touches before we can unveil it. Following our logo release, we’ll be overhauling our website look, dropping new merchandise for our new name, unveiling Savage Ultimate’s new Chicago Union jersey design, sharing our 2021 disc designs, and dropping new mobile wallpapers to help fans immerse in the new look.

This is an exciting time to be a fan of professional ultimate in Chicago, so hop on, we’re going for a ride to Chicago Union!