Season 2021’s Selection Camp

Not surprisingly, the Royal's General Manager, Jean-Philippe Riopel, has decided to postpone the selection camp for the 2021 season, originally scheduled for early november, to a later date. The safety of the players and the population as well as the respect of public health rules is a priority for the Royal. According to Riopel, holding the camp in October/November greatly facilitates the selection process, "it allows us to quickly identify the talents and evaluate them until a final choice is made in February". As a result, plans will evolve as the pandemic unfolds and will be communicated as soon as the future becomes clearer.

The selection camp is open to everyone, unlike other professional teams such as the Impact, the Canadiens or the Alouettes where the selection camp is invitation-based. It is one of the activities that allows the Royal to connect with the community and inspire participants to continue their journey.

Team Line-up for the 2021 Season

It is still too early to confirm the players of the 2021 line-up. According to Riopel, all the players who had made it into the line-up in 2020 have a head start, but the organization is not ready to confirm the players' places just yet. We first need to decide on a head coach, validate the players’ intentions and check where they are mentally and physically. Some players have kept a rigorous training, some players from previous years have shown us an interest in returning to the Royal. Riopel and the management team will have choices to make for the next campaign. The message to the players though remains the same: take advantage of the pandemic to take your mind off things, play individual sports and stay in shape!

The Royal prepares its year by remaining optimistic. The management team has planned the team’s calendar and is ready for the different possibilities.