Kids Zone

Three options are available to you: 

Family section (0-3 y.o)

A section is reserved for young families. This will allow you to enjoy the outdoors, and to view the game from a privileged angle while entertaining your child. Just show up at the entry giving access to the field and our volunteers will accompany your to the zone we’ve reserved for you. Each child must be accompanied by a parent.  


Child Zone – The eaglets (4-7 y.o.)

A team of qualified and dynamic animators awaits your child to make him live a unique experience and initiate him to Ultimate. This initiative aims to influence kids to lead an active lifestyle, and to instill values inspired by the Charter of the Spirit of the game based in part on values such as integrity, and – of course! – initiating and developping children to Ultimate. Your child will have the chance to receive some small surprised and a healthy snack.


Also, near the end of the game, one of the kids will be chosen to hand a disc to the player of game. One disc will be signed by the player and given to the chosen child, and a souvenir photo will be posted on our social media page. A moment that he will not soon forget!  


Workshop Zone – The Eaglets (8-12 y.o.)

Your child has between 8 and 12 years old, you want to give him the desire to move, to meet other children his age, to try new sports or to give him the opportunity to perfect his skills? Invite him, him and his friends, to come try Ultimate Frisbee!


The Montreal Royal’s Eaglets Workshop Zone offers the chance to participate in a free clinic during the first half of the game. Yes ! Trained animators, already ultimate fans and players, will welcome your children to teach them the basics of Ultimate or improve as appropriate, playing on a limited area of the field! These specific workshops will allow him to throw better, catch better, move better and above all, have fun !


Plus, Royal players will also give them some tips!